Craig has Character

“We loved working with Craig. We got in touch with him just to look at a house that piqued our interest and then kept in contact with him over a period of 2-3 months until we found the perfect house to purchase. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and definitely NOT pushy. He kept in contact with us even though we made it pretty clear from the beginning that we were just looking at houses for fun– famous last words, to be sure. He responded almost immediately to most of our correspondence, and was always on time to our showing appointments (even if we weren’t). When we were ready to buy, he was ready to help us through the process and gave us good advice about homeowner’s insurance, dealing with mortgages, property taxes, the inspection, and negotiations. We felt very comfortable with Craig and very confident that the advice he was giving us was in our best interest. The incident that really shows Craig’s character is that after our inspection, the seller complained that we or our inspector damaged her laundry room door (it was off the tracks). Even though it was clearly broken during the initial showing, and also clearly broken when we initially arrived, when Craig got the complaint from the seller, he went over, bought parts, and fixed it himself. We didn’t even know about the incident until it was already taken care of. He was all about making this process as easy as possible.”

— Client